Enhance beauty instantly with reliable and effective thread lift

Thread lift procedure is becoming a common choice for remarkably large numbers of women, especially between age group of late thirties to early fifties for youthful and wrinkle-free skin. Everyone desires clear, bright and firm skin but with aging most of the people lose the natural glow and tightness of the skin which results in jowls and drooping cheeks. Gone are those days when patients have to rely on facelift surgery to get rid of wrinkles, sagging and fine lines. Now with safe, fast and cost-effective facial threading (ร้อยไหม, which is the term in thai) people from different walks of life can get back the glow and firmness of their skin instantly after the procedure.

Choose the best surgeon

With a reputable and experienced cosmetic surgeon you can have a smooth and satisfying thread lift experience. Although the thread-lift procedure does not involve any serious complications and side effect  but it is always advisable to be well aware of post-procedure care and precautions such as avoid touching and rubbing face vigorously for certain period,  prop your head up slightly while sleeping, stay away from heat exposure, etc. which will help in fast recovery. Hence search for the best doctor in reliable online healthcare platforms such as Honestdoc and book appointments with great ease via this platform.

Clear your doubts

If you are planning for threat lift then have a detailed discussion with the doctor about your medical history, medications, allergy, which type of threads will be used in the procedure such as smooth threads, silk thread, silk spines, silk cone, etc., duration of the procedure, how long it will take to stimulate new collagen production, etc. Ask the doctor a relevant question via the Honestdoc app or website and get a reliable answer at earliest.

Regain confidence

Signs of skin laxity could significantly reduce your confidence level. If you want to avoid the pain and long recovery period of facelift surgery, then go for facial threading and get back your beautiful skin instantly for a long time period.

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