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Are you a first-time player of dayz? If that is the case, these tips might indeed benefit you. You see, the game is not that easy to deal with. If you don’t want to die right away, you should check out tips like the ones you will find in this article.

Check this out:

  • If you can, you should find M4A1. Yes, in dayz game, this is one of the most powerful weapons. This used to be easy to acquire then, but after the updates, it seems that they’re making it hard for the players to get a hand with this. In short, they are making the game more challenging. Well, no gains no glory, right?
  • Before you start your quest of surviving in dayz, you need to get oriented with the map. You might assume that it is just an easy quest, but that is not the case really. In fact, it will be hard to familiarize the map as the area is quite huge and there are so many winding dirt roads. If you have a second monitor, this might make things easier for you.
  • As food is one of the basic needs in this game, just like in the real world, you have the chance to fish. But you just need to be alert as someone might find you. Before you can fish, you need to find the needed materials like fish traps, fishing rods, and still many others. You also need to know that you might need to craft every material, using other materials. So, it will be more challenging.
  • In the game, you can also get a disease, and therefore, you need to find ways to get well. When you are injured, you will be ineffective for a number of minutes before you can go back to your normal routine. Maybe you will rest for 10 to 40 minutes.
  • And lastly, this is not a team effort game. Having an ally here is not helpful. Thus, you should not try to have a buddy in this game. You will just end up in a bad way.

Life in dayz is not easy. Everything must be farmed and there are so many things you will need to survive. You cannot just easily farm as well, even if you know the best spot to do so as there are so many threats like zombies, bandits, and still many others.

This is why others will just decide to buy DayZ hacks. Yes, with DayZ hacks, they can easily double what they already have and thus, life will be easier to deal with. They can progress in the game easily as well. So, if you want to do the same thing, you should visit some dayz communities as from there, you will learn a lot of hints like where to get the hacks and cheats and still many others. Be ready for a few dollars though as the hacks and cheats are not free.

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