Are online yoga classes as good as offline training?

Practicing yoga is an amazing way to reduce stress, build strength, gain discipline, become more flexible, get in tune with your body, and improve your overall well being. The only thing that’s stopping you from doing yoga is that it is a time consuming activity and can be expensive sometimes. Majority of the people are unable to build this habit because of inconsistency. Many struggle to make it the yoga class on a consistent basis. And we can’t blame them. We’re all busy – between study, work, family, friends and other things.

2020 changed the world around. It made us realize we can do almost everything online these days and entered online yoga lessons.

Though online training cannot replace the experience of learning directly from a person one on one, they are a great option for people who have busy schedules. It is an easy and effective way to spread this habit of yoga to more people, families & institutions across the world. Online yoga class might not be perfect and can have its own challenges. Let’s look at the advantages of learning yoga online.

  • Cheaper – Online classes are a lot cheaper than offline classes as it cuts costs on both sides – cost of yoga studio and other amenities needed, the cost of travel and yoga gears, etc. That makes it more affordable and budget friendly.
  • Time saving – Taking up a class online is as easy as laying out your mat and starting off. Real life yoga classes can take up your hours – getting ready, travelling, setting up at the studio, waiting for the instructor, etc. With online classes, this process takes seconds to start.
  • Flexible – Online classes are very flexible and you have the control to choose between a  5 minute or 1 hour session, in case of pre-recorded sessions. These classes offer great variety. In Addition to that, you can practice at any time of the day or night. All you have to do is choose the right plan.
  • Travel-friendly – Finding the time, space, and motivation to exercise is extremely tough. Virtual classes allow you to get rid of these boundaries and attend daily yoga sessions from anywhere and at any time. Yoga on the go has become very convenient with such sessions.
  • Best instructors – A virtual class can be a great way to connect with the best yoga instructor, which might not be the same in case of offline classes. One can take a number of courses and learn yoga with great yogis that inspire you.
  • Less intimidating – Let’s face it, walking into a real life yoga class can be intimidating for many. Some might feel uncomfortable or unconfident to follow the instructions among the other people in class. This wouldn’t be the scenario in case of online classes which you can attend at the comfort of your home.

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