Different Types of Cannabis in The Market

According to a report by Forbes, the marijuana industry was projected to hit the 32.4 billion mark by 2021. One of the leading reasons why this industry is booming is cannabis’ versatility as a medicinal plant. Over the years, research has shown that weed can aid with various medical conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. You might live in a state where cannabis has been legalized, and there is a nearby licensed dispensary in 02721

Still, it can be intimidated going inside. That’s because there are many different products, and you might be clueless about where to start. Fortunately, as long as you understand the basic types of marijuana, it is easier to identify strains and products best suited for you. Here are the main types of weed that you should know.

1. Sativa

Cannabis sativa originates from warmer climates such as Mexico. This strain tends to grow very tall. It also has long, thin leaves. Sativa flowers thrive under particular light conditions. They need darkness for over 11 hours every day. Compared to Indica, sativa strains have higher CBD and lower THC levels. Sativa has energizing effects, and most users will consume it in the morning or afternoons.

Some users have even claimed that it helps them become more creative and focused. Unlike Indica, which gives a body high, sativa gives a “head high.” Due to its energizing and mood-lifting effects, people dealing with exhaustion or depression use it. It could also help relieve symptoms of ADHD or other mood disorders.

2. Indica

This type of cannabis has its origin in the Hindu “Kush” region, which is near Afghanistan. This region is cold with a mountainous climate. Therefore, cannabis Indica is typically shorter and appears like a bush. The leaves are also fuller, rounder, and darker than those from the sativa plant. Indica buds usually grow in clumps. 

Indica is known to produce low levels of CBD and large amounts of THC. Hence, it is considered strong weed. It also has potent sedating effects, which causes many people to relax after taking it. Many users like to take their Indica products at night right before they go to sleep. You’ll get a “body high” from these relaxing effects. 

Because of its sedative power, it is often used by people who struggle with insomnia. Research has shown that you’ll get more relief from pain and insomnia from cannabis Indica than Sativa. If you have such symptoms, you could ask the employees at your best dispensary about the best Indica strain for your specific condition. 

3. Hybrid

These strains are obtained from cross germinating seeds from the two main Cannabis strains to combine their effects. Currently, most of the strains being grown are hybrids instead of pure strains. The hybrid strains are described based upon their dominating effects. For instance, if you want to experience the energizing effects, you’ll ask for a sativa-dominant strain from your local weed dispensary in Fall River, Mass. On the other hand, an Indica-dominant one is ideal if you want to relax.

These three are the main types of cannabis. Another one Is Ruderalis, first discovered in the southern part of Russia. It is significantly low in THC, making it ideal for medicinal use. It is not famous for recreational purposes. With an understanding of these strains, you should have a better experience the next time you visit your local weed dispensary.

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