The Extraordinary houses At Jasmine Woods Conway SC Can Be Yours

There is a gorgeous neighborhood in Conway, South Carolina called Jasmine Woods. It is filled with an abundance of natural light, and it is a neighborhood in which you can get great homes for an inexpensive price. The purchasing price of a home in the Jasmine Woods neighborhood is typically about $150,000.

You should put Jasmine Woods at the very top of your priority list if you are looking for a neighborhood that is friendly to families and that offers homes with either three or four bedrooms and a layout that is more conventional if you are looking for a place to live that meets both of these criteria.

The majority of the homes in this neighborhood have an area of heated space that is between 1,200 and 2,000 square feet in size. Highway 501 and the commercial core of Conway are both easily accessible because of the community’s placement on New Road, which is close to both of these areas.

The Extraordinary Revelations Made by Jasmine Woods

These residences in Jasmine Woods are furnished with a comprehensive assortment of conveniences, all of which contribute to the very high demand for them. The huge living room that is often seen in some homes has typically been designed with a row of three windows that together let in a significant amount of natural light.

There is a possibility that there will be a spacious brick fireplace, soaring ceilings, an elegant dining room, and a breakfast bar in the home. In addition, there is the potential of having both a large covered front porch as well as a screened porch that can be used over the whole year. Both of these porches might be used in various ways.


The fact that every house in Jasmine Woods is placed on its individual property makes the neighborhood straightforward to manage. As a result of the fact that certain yards are surrounded by walls, owners are at liberty to let their dogs roam free in such yards. A significant proportion of residential properties have established trees and landscapes that are tended to by the homeowners themselves. In Jasmine Woods, there are no necessary HOA costs.

The Neighborhood

A neighborhood of homes known as Jasmine Woods may be found in the city of Conway in the state of South Carolina. These homes are available in a broad variety of sizes, are available with a selection of appealing architectural designs, and have reasonable prices. Homes in Jasmine Woods that are now available for purchase range in size from around 1,200 square feet to over 3,200 square feet.

Their asking prices range from approximately $89,900 to $300,000. We are certain that you will find the home of your dreams in Jasmine Woods or one of the many other lovely communities in Conway, regardless of the specific preferences or needs you may have in this regard. If you have any questions or would like assistance viewing any properties for sale in Jasmine Woods, please contact one of our market experts using this link:

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