What You Ought To Know About CBD Pet Products

The CBD market offers a lot of opportunities whether you are a healthcare professional, common user, or a business owner. This is a billion-dollar industry which has a good deal for potential startups. CBD pet products are among the fast movers’ products in this industry and they are estimated to be worth $72 billion. The prevalence of this market became evident during the Global Pet Expo 2019. The main reason is that the sales of these products have risen in the past few years. From pet products to the variety of pet food additives hitting the market seems limitless.        

Here is a list of companies making moves in the CBD Pet Products.

  1. True Leaf Medicine International. It’s the leading brand for pets with approximately 3,500 stores around the world. The company uses Canadian- harvested bits of hemp which are good in anti-inflammatory properties, cognitive support, and good skin health. 
  2. PotNetwork Holdings. It offers natural products including oil supplements which come in different flavors. 
  3. LinkResPet creates a variety of products for horses, cats, and dogs. It focuses on several conditions such as inflammation, cancer, anxiety, pain, epilepsy, and seizures. 
  4. Dixie Brands Inc is known for its wellness subsidiary. The company recently announced the creation of Quiet hemp products for cats and dogs. 
  5. Biopharmaceutical Pivot Pharmaceuticals company began developing CBD products last year.
  6. Isodiol International Inc announced its entrance last October having created a natural CBD based product that improves the overall wellness and restores pet’s health.
  7. MYM Nutraceuticals offers a friendly product in the form of oil tinctures. 
  8. Green Wave Holdings Inc offers CBD-infused dog biscuits known as Loki Love Bites. 
  9. Kushly launched eight new hemp treats for dogs will truly love. These are all designed to deal with any pain or discomfort that your furry friend might be suffering from.
  10. Naturally Splendid Enterprises offers a slight product from other companies. The Pawsitive FX supplement has natural topical balms which are made from seed oil hemp.      

 Benefits of CBD Pet Products

The products are pure, consistent, and dependable. Positive results have been revealed from the recent studies. For instance, CBD oil showed positive effects on dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.  CBD is federally regulated which will allow researchers to conduct more studies on both humans and pets. Successful treatments have been recorded with the only side effect being related to overdose and pregnancy. Dosing guidelines are clearly labeled on these products. More and more pet owners are turning to these products regardless of the lack of scientific backing.

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