Procedure for Food Digestion – A Fascinating Story

How food will get changed into nutrients

When meals are solid we chew it. We swallow it if it’s liquid. It goes lower our throats. It’s interesting to understand what goes on to food in entire digestive system and just how our food habits influence our overall health, fitness and wellness.

Mouth process:

Whenever we chew our food in mouth it will get damaged into small pieces and will get combined with saliva. Saliva is really a without color watery liquid that is always contained in our mouth. It has enzymes which digest food. These enzymes in saliva convert insoluble starches into water-soluble substances.

Really this is actually the procedure for digestion. Enzymes convert many complex food substances into simpler substances which in turn could be absorbed through the body and employed for its needs. These enzymes are created by different organs / glands. What finally remains after processing from the food within the digestive system isn’t helpful for your system & is tossed out as stools or faeces.

Whenever we smell food, our mouth waters. Saliva starts flowing lower in the three pairs of salivary glands -Body pair below & before each ear, another pair at the rear of the low jaw & the 3rd pair beneath the tongue.

We normally produce about eight to ten glasses of saliva per day, within our mouth.

The enzyme within this saliva breaks lower carb into simpler soluble types of sugar.

The greater we break our food by munching, the greater. Saliva may then act faster around the food. Thorough eating helps digestion process. (It’s stated, every mouthful of food ought to be chewed 32 occasions, once for every tooth).

Food then passes lower our throat through food pipe. The little flexible lid within our food pipe, known as epiglottis, closes instantly whenever we gulp lower our food. It prevents food from going lower the incorrect passage that is wind pipe, laying alongside.

Stomach Process:

Stomach is a vital bag formed organ. It constantly contracts and relaxes and churns the meals inside. Inside lining of stomach secretes many enzymes.

These enzymes assistance to breakdown proteins to be able to allow body to soak up nutrients. These nutrients will be consumed by body for body repair or body growth or like a fuel (energy).

Many glands exists inside lining from the stomach. Among the enzymes, known as Renin, converts protein from milk, into soft curd. Another enzyme, known as Pepsin, breaks lower the lengthy protein chains into smaller sized units known as Peptones that are soluble in water.

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