Tips To Highlight Your Beauty Instantly

If you take about five minutes in the morning before going to work or study, you can highlight your natural beauty with a few touches of makeup. Remember that it is not necessary to cover your face with products to look beautiful.

Follow these five tips from excellent specialists, and you can highlight your beauty. Pay attention!

Prepare Your Face

Healthy and hydrated skin will always add to the makeup you do. Before putting on makeup, your skin must be spotless. Use a makeup remover or cleansing milk and then apply a moisturizer.

Apply The Base

To achieve a natural and fresh makeup, it is essential that your base is the same tone of your skin. Also, choose a base with light coverage or apply cream so that your makeup has a more natural finish.

Highlight Your Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of our face so we cannot leave them aside. Use an eyebrow pencil or matte brown shadow to shape them. The trick is to follow the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Highlight Your Eyes

Apply a shade in pink, nude, orange or burgundy shades and apply it over your entire eyelid. If you want to risk a little more, use metallic tones such as gold, bronze or copper. Finally put on the mascara and go!

Brighten Your Lips

A gloss or nude, pink or coral lipstick works excellent for this day look. Especially the gloss, which will make your lips stand out and look healthy.

 Final Words

If you have or need a V-shape face in “Khon Kaen” (หน้าเรียว ขอนแก่น which is the term in thai), you’ll need to maintain your beauty, and this isn’t something you can ignore in our present society especially if you’re a model or a public figure.

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