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Often men do not think much about proper hair care. But, appearance for a modern man is no less important than for a woman. After all, a successful person should look neat, well-groomed and consistent with the latest fashion trends.

There is an opinion among barbers that dry hair is the most problematic type. Since such hair lacks moisture and protection, it is more prone to brittleness and mechanical damage. Only a doctor can determine exactly why dry hair is peculiar. But the main reasons are: a hereditary predisposition to dryness, abuse of a hairdryer and men’s hair cosmetics, aggressive combing with hard brushes, frequent washing with cheap products, etc.

Owners of this type are advised to wash their hair about two times a week with a moisturizing shampoo. If you need to quickly dry your hair, you can use a hairdryer in cool drying mode. You should also purchase a pair of oils or serums for even more hydration.

Owners of normal hair do not need to be washed frequently (just wash your hair with shampoo and balm two to three times a week). Hair often does not require styling. Since during drying the hairstyle is getting more natural, with sufficient volume.

For owners of oily hair male Brooklyn Barbers recommend adjusting their nutrition and consuming more than 1.5 litres of pure water daily. You also need to wash your hair every day with mild products (shampoos and conditioners for daily care). For styling, do not use grease-containing men’s hair cosmetics.

The causes of oily scalp and, accordingly, hair can be both hereditary and acquired factors. With the first case, everything is clear – oily scalp leads to a similar problem in the hair, and sometimes to the appearance of dandruff.

The acquired causes are, first of all, the wrong lifestyle, the use of large amounts of fatty foods, the improper selection of care products that, instead of helping, exacerbate the problem.


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