SRS surgery which means to change the gender:

To change the gender that someone gets at their birth. A person needs to go for sex reassignment surgery and in simple words, it is called srs surgery. There are many other names that are also given to this surgery. Like gender change operation, transgender operation and others too. But all the names are related to only one thing. And, that is to change the gender of a person. This surgery is done for such people who don’t like their gender. Or their gender is something different than their assigned gender at birth.

This problem is known as gender dysphoria which is the medical term. To describe the problem that someone has in their body. And, people who problem with their gender which they have at the time of their birth known as transgender. So, if someone wants to change their gender then they can go for srs surgery.

Cost of srs surgery

The cost of srs surgery varies from country to country. Like in the USA a person needs to pay 50000$ for the operation. And, in the UK a person will pay around 8500$ to 50000$. But if someone goes to the Asian country then the price will be very less. As compared to other countries. Like in Thailand only a person needs to pay 13500$ max for the operation. So, one can find the difference in price in most of the county. There will be a price difference but there will not be any other difference that someone can find.

Precautions are very important

In this surgery, both before and after the surgery a person needs to take a lot of precautions. And, these precautions are very important for successful surgery. So, take the precautions very seriously and follow them very strictly. Otherwise, the surgery will not be successful very well. 

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